Emma Törzs

reader / writer

Boundless Thanks...

... to the Minnesota Regional Arts Board, who have approved my Artist Initiative grant. I'm so grateful, and so awed to be in such amazing company. Many of the winners of this grant, past and present, are artists I count among my friends and inspirations. Minnesota arts organizations have shown me a truly amazing amount of financial support since I moved here, and for that and many other reasons, I hope someday I'm in a position to give back.

While I'm on the subject of loving Minnesota, I may be a bit disappointed in Minneapolis' recent mayoral elections, but St. Paul finally elected their first black mayor, and over on this side of the river we've got the glorious Andrea Jenkins -- not only the first openly transgendered black woman ever elected to public office, but a brilliant artist and poet, too! We have a long way to go, but good job Minnesota! I love you and your Regional Arts Board.