Emma Törzs

reader / writer

Work/Shopping the Short Story: Polish and Publish

Hello Minneapolis! I'll be teaching a 6-week short story workshop through the Loft this spring, from April 15 - May 18th! Official description is as follows, and you can find more information and sign up right here

This workshop-based class offers students a supportive space to deeply explore and edit their own short stories of up to 25 pages, with submission for publication as a final goal. Close-reading our own work as well as the work of published writers, we'll focus on questions such as: What makes a short story compelling? How do we create meaning in a short story? How are we moved by a story? How does plot function in short fiction? Wherefore character development? Whither setting? And the perpetual doozy, What is this story about? We'll also learn what makes a helpful workshop critique, and how to incorporate peer feedback as we revise. We will learn to take our own stories apart, and put them back together again. Too, we will look at contemporary literary journals and discuss effective submission practices. This class is for those who have short story manuscripts they're ready to take to the next level.