Emma Törzs

reader / writer

6/27 Mark Galarrita has a heartrending (literally) essay up at Electric Literature, A Writer Learns to Die, about suffering a heart attack while getting his MFA. It's a truly beautiful and painful piece, one that will stay with you after you've finished it. 

6/26 Dead Girls: Surviving an American Obsession, by the brilliant and hilarious Alice Bolin, is out today and ready to be devoured! Carmen Maria Machado says, "Dead Girls is everything I want in an essay collection: provocative lines of inquiry, macabre humor, blistering intelligence... I love this book."

6/15 Adam Shannon has a marvelously thought-provoking story up at Compelling Science Fiction, Redaction, which deals with memory, trauma, and compassion. Thus far it's his only published work that draws on his experience as a paramedic... but I doubt it'll be his last (RIGHT ADAM?). 

6/01 Patrick Lofgren has a story forthcoming in the pre-orderable videogame tie-in anthology The True History of the Strange Brigade,  which will be out August 9th from Simon and Schuster. In his words, "If you enjoy 1930's adventures, monsters, tombs," then you very well may enjoy this one. 

5/01 Stephanie Malia Morris has an absolutely terrifying and gorgeously written story up at Nightmare Magazine, Bride Before You. If you really want to give yourself a treat, listen to her narrate it here.  One word: SPIDER. 

4/24 Mark Galarrita has a wickedly sharp short up at McSweeney's Internet Tendency, How Your Filipino Science Fiction Novel Will be Adapted for Film

4/12 Elizabeth Tannen's first poetry collection, Notes on Distance, has been shortlisted for Milkweed Press' Lindquist and Vennum Prize for Poetry! For a taste of her evocative, thoughtfully moving work, you can read a couple poems here in Body magazine.

4/10 Sally Franson's super-funny, super-smart, super-delightful debut novel, A Lady's Guide to Selling Out, is in the world today! From Kirkus: "Come for the hilarious narration, stay for the whirlwind plot, luxuriate in the satirical gleam." 

4/9 Elly Bangs has a wonderfully bite-sized story (wink wink) up on Daily Science Fiction, The Cool Kids. The brief author's notes at the bottom are worth a read on this one!

4/4 Alice Bolin's forthcoming book, Dead Girls: Surviving an American Obsession, got a starred Kirkus review! I cannot WAIT for this one to come out on June 26th, 2018. 

4/3 A.T. Greenblatt has a great new short story up at Mythic Delirium, Graffiti Guardians

4/1 Vina Jie-Min Prasad is a Hugo Award finalist in TWO CATEGORIES Y'ALL! Best Novelette: A Series of Steaks. Best Short Story: Fandom For Robots. She is also a finalist for the associated John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer!!! 

4/1 Izzy Wasserstein has a fantastically creepy piece up at Pseudopod: read The Good Mothers' Home for Wayward Girls and shudder.  She also has a short n sexxxy story in Glittership, Ports of Perception. 

3/8 Robert Minto has a beautiful essay on the Wind in the Willows and its literary re-interpretations up at LA Review of Books, the Wound in the Willows. In his words, an essay on "Friendship and forgiveness, memory and oblivion, honesty and lies."

3/8 Gordon B. White has an awesome flash story up on Daily Science Fiction, Rearranging Ways to Listen

3/6 A.T. Greenblatt's excellent take on a haunted house story, And Yet, is out in Uncanny Magazine, along with Vina Jie-Min Prasad's sexyviolent cyborg romance Pistol Grip

3/1 Izzy Wasserstein has a staggeringly beautiful story in Clarkesworld, Unplaces: An Atlas of Non-existence. In her words, a story of Antifascists, queer love, and the power of memory. 

3/1 Vina Jie-Min Prasad's magnificent story of beef-forgery, A Series of Steaks, just won the Clarkesworld annual reader's poll for best short story of 2017, AND it's a finalist for the Nebula in the Novelette category! AND her story Fandom For Robots, which won my heart's poll for most feel-good story of the year, is a Nebula finalist in the Short Story category.

2/20 Maud Streep won the Pen/Robert J. Dau Short Story Prize for Emerging Writers for her excellent and fiery Montana-based story, The Crazies, which came out in November's issue #234 of One Story.